Los Angeles DBS

The LA County Department of Building Safety (DBS) carries out inspections and issues permits to builders in LA. Their mission is to ensure public safety and guide customers in building, energy, and green standards. I was brought onto a project for the LA County through Zobrist Consulting.

As a freelance UX designer, I was tasked with defining new UI paradigms to improve the usability of the case management portal. The case management portal was used by county staff to review building projects submitted by county clients.


Inspection Case Management Service Application

For the redesign of the case management application, UI inspection and heuristic principles were employed to identify usability problems associated with the existing  solution.

  1. One page form was lengthy and users can easily lose their place
  2. Form field widths were not a good indicator of required input length
  3. Form fields were not used in their appropriate context (ex: radio buttons vs drop-down menu)
  4. Users had no way to save. They had to fill the entire tedious form in one session, or all work was lost
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I proceeded to design a mock-up of the final product in Illustrator. The dev team was able to successfully replicate my design in its entirety.

LADBS Case Management Portal Mock-up